Day One: Collage

lillie-morton-collage-psdToday, was the first day of Art Collage. Our set task was to create a collage of images that inspire us and what we like, and of images we have taken ourselves. My collage shows that I am interested in fashion and make-up photography; making things very bright and colourful so it stands out and catches the eye of the viewer. I am interested in fashion photography as I love how fashion has changed over the years. I am interested in modern fashion and fashion dating from the 1940’s. I want to recreate these ideas as i feel that they portray many different ways of doing something, for example the crazy make up shows people that you don’t have to wear make-up in a certain way you can wear it however you want to make a statement or to be an individual.

The artists that I used in my collage is Tim Walker and Lara Jade. I used Tim Walker as I enjoy his work and I feel that he makes his work look like unique. Lara Jade’s work is so crisp and vibrant as she uses bright lighting and clear colours. Her work focuses on the model and the clothing, she does this by insuring that you can see the models facial expressions and body language, she makes sure that you can see the clothing in her portraits so you can see what the model is wearing and how she is wearing it. She also focuses on the make-up as you can see that the make-up draws out the models facial features.


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