Day Two: Barbican

Today went down onto the Barbican and onto the Hoe to practice using the camera, and to give us a feel of what a Nikon camera is like if we have never used one before. We got sent off into groups of four with new people so we would speak to people we have never spoke to before. This was a good activity as it was the first time going off into groups and speaking to new people, we didn’t go without speaking to each other because we needed to share the camera between us and to go different places, so we had to ask ‘where would you like to go next?’

Taking photos on the Barbican was good as there was a lot to photograph for example the boats, flowers and things inside the shops. You could photograph these in many different angles so that you didn’t have the same photos as everyone else. I edited my photos on Photoshop to bring out the colours of the blues and oranges on the flowers and to make it look more sharp and clear.


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