Assignment Ideas

ideas-1-of-1This is my ideas for my assignment on self-portraiture. I believe that my ideas are showing who I am as it is what I am interested in and I believe that I can present them in my own way which shows who I am. Even though it is in short hand writing I understand what it means so I can portray my ideas. For example ‘floral ice cream’ I am going to adapt this idea which is from Tim Walker into my own. I will be using lily’s instead of random flowers which will connotate my name and I’m keeping the ice cream idea as I like ice cream, so it is showing who I am and my likes in one photo.

My first thought of the assignment was what am I going to do, as I had no idea. But now I have researched portraiture and identity photography it has given me so many idea’s of what I can do. I feel like I will enjoy this first assignment as it is showing yourself off and showing what you can do and who you are as a person, showing your likes and dislikes.


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