Beach Clean:

Today we went to Wembury beach to do a beach clean. It was a good experience for me as I had never done something like that before. I learnt why it is important to pick up the rubbish you leave behind on the beach and how it harms the surrounding environment. I also learnt that the size of the rubbish left behind doesn’t matter as any size can harm the wildlife, for example if a small piece of plastic got into the sea a fish could think it’s a piece of food and try to eat it. Whilst the fish does this is it is ingesting the toxins that the piece of plastic is holding. It also causes the fish to choke.

Although the weather started to go dark again it didn’t effect my photographs as I had the camera on the correct ISO. I used both my phone and the college camera because when someone in my group had the camera I saw something that was worth taking a photograph of. Also I felt that using my phone for rock pool photos was easiest as I could place my phone onto the floor and still see what I was photographing where as on the camera I couldn’t see through the viewfinder as it was too low down onto the ground and if i did try and see through the viewfinder i would of been in a rock pool. However the camera was far better to take photos of landscapes and close ups because no matter how far away you were to the object the zoom still made the photo sharp and clear, whereas my phone would make it look grainy and unprofessional.

The end result of the pile of rubbish shown that even though there wasn’t much rubbish when you had an over view of the beach but when you actually go down and start looking around there is actually a lot of rubbish there, the rubbish didn’t have to be big or small, but the majority of it was small pieces of plastic, which i feel is the most important bit of rubbish to be collected as animals can think its food and try to eat it, like i previously mentioned in my first paragraph. By putting it into a heap of rubbish it put into perspective that the small amount of rubbish can build up into a pile like the one today.


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