Mark Leaver:

Mark Leaver photographs people who have tattoo’s which no one else would imagine getting, such as getting them on their face.On his website he does varied subjects that he photographs, for example hard times and bikers. Leaver photographs people who have tattoo’s as he feels that they still don’t get accepted by people as they are stereotyped to be ‘thugs’ and ‘unemployed’ . He interviews the models he photographs first as he feels that it is important to get to know them as he is taking their portrait. The man in the middle told Mark Leaver that he did he facial tattoo’s himself in front of a mirror, they represent his masculinity and femininity as he was once a female.

His images show that they want to make themselves unique and to show who they really are. In all three photos none of the men have the same tattoo’s,showing that they have their own style in what they want tattooed onto their body, creating individuality. The tattoo’s are personal  to them which creates their identity and that is how people will remember them, as they have made a statement. By taking their photograph it normalises it to the public as it shows that they are unique.



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