Photoshop Techniques:

Today we learnt basic photoshop techniques and how to use them whilst editing our images. For example hue changes the colour of the image and saturation controls the colours. An example is this is if i picked the hue to be blue and I can change the saturation to a deeper blue or a lighter blue. Also learnt what the three arrows on levels was used for as I had never used them before. I found today good as I learnt techniques that I thought I already knew but in deeper understanding. Today also shown that I didn’t know everything that I thought I did on photoshop, so today for me was a success.

Although I knew there is different file types I didn’t know the names of them or the difference between them.                                                                                                                                JPEG– Compresses files – Holds several million colours – Every time something is saved a JPEG it gets compressed which loses its quality.                                                                                     TIF&PSD– Uncompresses files – High quality – Keeps the layers on photoshop                          RAW– Highest quality – Eight billion colours                                                                                          Now I know that a JPEG compresses the file each time that it is saved I wont be using it as much as I did as i want my photographs to come out high quality so I’ll be using TIF and PSD more often as it keeps the layers on photoshop and does not compress the files.

The third photo shows my image with a boarder 10″x 8″ this makes the image look my professional. I created this image by:                                                                                                          – New blank document on photoshop but resize the page to 10″ x 8″                                              – Open the image and resize it to 9″ x 6″ just smaller then the boarder                                        – Flatten the image                                                                                                                                            – Select all of the image (CMD A)                                                                                                                  – Copy the image (CMD C) and paste it into the blank document (CMD V)


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