Research On Self-Portraits:

Today we was going into the light room to take self-portraits. As we got spilt into groups whilst waiting I thought I would research some ideas that I could do for my photographs. I picked these photographs I thought they expressed themselves differently by using different props and lighting.

I liked the top left photograph as I thought it was much different from the others as it was edited to look like that, whilst the other photographs are holding props to cover their face. By having the clouds in the photograph connotes that she is a calm person and is very relaxed.

The two photos on the right are interesting as they are both holding up parts of a magazine with a models face on it. This shows that they want to look like the models and not like themselves because  you cant see their face. As the models that they have used are seen as beautiful it tells the viewer that they don’t see themselves as beautiful because if they thought they were they would of shown their face.

The image with the lady with the hat tells something different then the other photos, as she is wearing red and red connotes as ‘sexy’. This shows that she is a confident person in her appearance unlike the other images. I like this image as it shows that she isn’t very afraid to be who she is and how she perceives it.


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