Light Room: Self-Portraits

Whilst being in the light room we got given some props, I picked up the gold beads as I thought they would reflect the light really well, which in my opinion they did. I decided to colour pop my image as I wanted the main focus to be the beads. I didn’t change the colour of the beads as I liked how the black and white adjustment I put onto the image, made them pop out even more. I chose photograph the beads because I like jewellery  and I thought that the beads could represent that.

Today had given me an opportunity to use different lighting equipment as I had used lights in GCSE Photography. As I had never used LED lights before it was a good experience for me because I used something I had never used before and learnt how to use them and set them up. By now knowing how to use the lighting I will be using much more often and using it to create many different shadows and effects.


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