Paul Wikinson:

Paul Wilkinson is a portrait photographer and wedding photography. On his website he shows his portrait work which are mainly black and white.There is a reoccurring theme throughout his photographs and that is happiness. In every photo someone is smiling or laughing towards the camera or to the other person. I feel this gives life to his photos as it shows emotion which is relatable to us, as we have all been through that emotion and use it a lot. Having the theme laughter within the photos it allows us to understand that the model is remembering a memory or is having a good time. The photographs with the couples it shows their lust for each other as they are looking into each other’s eyes, looking into someones eyes creates a safe feeling as you know they are only concentrating on you.

I have decided to research Paul Wikinson because some of his photographs show a family unit, support and care. Which is one of my ideas for my assignment. I am inspired my him because of the way he creates his photos,by catching the moment.This gives his photos a real personal feeling. His work links to theme identity by showing his models true personality as he captures them laughing and showing true emotions.


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