Library Task: Vogue Editors Eye

img_4041Name of source: Vogue Editors Eye                                                                                                             Date of publication: 1967                                                                                                                               Artist: Richard Avedon                                                                                                                                     Historical Portrait                                                                                                                                            I was drawn to this image because of the dark green fur coat with the flowers on. I like this photo because it is very retro and shows what was worn in the 60’s. I chose to use this photo because of the way the model is dressed and how her make-up is done. They have done her make-up this way to make a statement and tie it in with the flowers on her jumper. I like how the photograph shows the individual bits of fur and how it looks like you can touch it.Overall this image shows how fashion has changed since 60’s but how fashion has adapted due to it. For example people still wear big earrings and fur coats but just not of those bright, mix matched colours.


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