Tattoo photo shoot:

Experimenting with photoshop:

I have experimented with photoshop for these photographs.

For the first photograph I colour popped the tattoos so they stand out, making them the only thing that draws you in. I feel like doing this is effective because it shows the tattoos in a way that it wouldn’t if it was just all in colour, I feel that by having them the only thing in colour it would just be looked over and just seen as a pair of legs. Also by having them in colour it makes them look more friendly and less harsh. I’m describing it as friendly because some people feel that tattoos represent a certain stereotype for example a ‘thug’.

The second photo that I have edited I overlaid two images. I felt like this would be effective because it gives the effect of him walking away, as you can see two pairs of legs making it look blurred. I wanted the effect of him walking away as I wanted it to represent him walking away from what people think and standing on his own two feet. I felt like this was important to demonstrate because it shows that people with tattoos are not just ‘thugs’ and ‘unemployed’.


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