Ice Flower Photo Shoot:

Final Image:img_4117-edit-copy

Choosing my final image was difficult as I liked all the images that I edited. Finally I chose this image because I love how it has a vintage look about it, with the vibrant pinks and off whites.

My image is a still life which is in a formation that describes me. I placed the flowers like this because it is in the shape of ice cream scoops in a glass,as I enjoy ice cream. I used white roses because the white of the rose represents purity. I feel that this describes me and shows my identity because I am pure as I haven’t broke any laws, also because I am a teenager and teenagers are still pure as they haven’t experienced life like adults have.

I decided to interpret the theme identity portraiture in a still life because of the way one image can represent many things, as it can be a cluster of items or one single item. Although my still life is not a cluster of images and looks quite simple I feel that it still gets across my idea and what I wanted to portray to the audiences.

I researched renaissance still life which I found really interesting because there was a variety of items in a organised manor, for example old cameras, books and flowers, each one of those items have a symbolic meaning behind them.Which is what I wanted to do as I wanted to have items that had a meaning which i agreed on and wanted people to see. I think Tim Walker and Renaissance still life were my favourite photographs/photographs to research due to the fact that there was so much variety to get inspired by and to put into my blog. It also gave me many ideas on how I could present my work and understand the meaning behind the items and colours I chose.



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