Peer Assessment:

This morning we got sent into pairs to evaluate their work and give constructive criticism. I found this useful because it shown me where I can improve on and where I need to add some things in. It also shown me how I can now lay my work out and it gave me ideas on how I could present my ideas and some artists that could link to my work.

The blog that I evaluated was very well presented and very professional in the way they have presented their work. I enjoyed reading their work as it was clear and well laid out. It was laid out in order of the days of the work was set, meaning she hadn’t missed any of the work out, expect from the library task. Other than that her work and her photographs are very professional and I was very impressed with her blog.

Her photographs clearly show she has her own style in photography and how she edits her photos. I really liked her style of photographs as they are different which makes them stand out more. From looking at her work I have realised that my images don’t have to be simple and edited in a certain way like all my other photos.


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