Tattoo Photo Shoot:

Final Image:FINAL.jpg I decided to have this photograph as my final image because I felt that it shown a more friendly side to tattoos and it takes away the stereotypical comments from the public. I wanted to do this as my final image for this photo shoot because I felt like it shows identity as you are different from everyone else,as you have changed your body to not look the same everyone else, it’s not just plain skin it has art on it instead, which creates your own identity.

Using photoshop for editing my final image because I wanted to colour pop and the only way I knew how to do it was on photoshop. I already knew how to do colour popping on photoshop as I did it at school. I decided to leave the shading on the light house out because it has no bright colours to it, so if I did colour pop it, it would just blend in with the black and white back ground. I wanted to colour pop the image so that the tattoos to stand out from the rest of the photo making it the main subject of the image, making it the subject of the image gives the viewers a clear concept of what my photograph is about and what I am trying to portray.

I have interpreted the theme identity into my own, as I haven’t taken photos of my face I have taken a photograph of someone else.  I have chosen to do this because as I have no tattoos and I like them so I decided I should take a photo of someone who does. I picked to photograph tattoos due to the facts that I like them and I love how they are all unique and no one has the same, because tattoo artists will never repeat their work onto someone else,they want everyone to have their own unique tattoo which means something to them. I also wanted to show that people with tattoos are not ‘thugs’ or any other stereotype, as the model that I used has a job and is not a ‘thug’. I feel that just because someone has tattoos on their body people automatically think negatively towards them and become prejudice even when they don’t know them.

I researched Mark Leaver and he photographs people who have tattoos on their face and body. I was inspired by him because he doesn’t care that the public does not like tattoos but he photographs them anyway. He creates the idea that you do not have to photograph things that will please the public what pleases yourself and makes you proud of your work.  Leaver also shows that tattoos are another form of beauty by photographing people with tattoos on their face it to me connotes make-up however it is with them forever, but it shows who they really want to be every day whereas people who were make up have to apply it every day making themselves look different.

My opinion that tattoos connotes make-up links back to some of the research I did on beauty and how the public is starting to look all the same because of the expectations of everyone looking the same. People have to re-apply their make up everyday making themselves look the same everyday, whereas people with tattoos have the same look everyday showing who they truly are/want to be. Tattoos are permanent so they can’t come off with a wet wipe which shows to the public that you don’t have to look like everyone else, as like I’ve said tattoo artists will not repeat their work twice.



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