Feedback From Matt:

She has shown a lot of description on each piece of work and well laid out, a lot to read with good detail on what is in the blog post, easy to read, Good research on so many different artists with a lot on them.

She has some images on what she did and she has a lot on what she has learnt as well as what she did on each day, which is nice to read. But would be better with some more images showing what she did.

She showed good use of showing the experimenting on Lightroom and Photoshop, and explaining what she did to the images, but if there were some images sowing the work in Lightroom or Photoshop then I would be easier to see what she did.

Over all Lillie has done a great blog with lots to read and a lot of research to show there she got the ideas from, but if she was to add more images showing her work being edited would help show how she got the final images.

What I think:

For the next assignment I will do what Matt has mentioned by screen grabbing step by step what I did to create my final images. Also to add in more photos throughout the day from each session to show my understanding in more depth through my photos.


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