We got asked to investigate the history of Plymouth by exploring the facts and the myths/legends. This was very interesting as most of the facts I didn’t know even though I have lived in Plymouth my whole life. One of the facts were that the Barbican has the largest concentrated cobble streets in Plymouth.

I enjoyed reading the myths and legends of Plymouth the most because you don’t know if it is true or not. For example on Kitty’s grave flowers are changed everyday but no one knows anything about it or who changes them, as no one has admitted to doing it.

The pages I used to research this information was  http://www.inplymouth.com/10-dark-myths-legends-around-plymouth/  this website has many myths about Plymouth, one of my favourites is the Smugglers Tunnels as you don’t know if there really is tunnels leading to Drakes Island.

As a class we put all our facts and myths together.IMG_4151.JPG