Ronya Galka- Street Photographer

Ronya Galka street photography also has people in it, even if they are far away or up close. I like her photographs as they show how busy streets can get and how the people interact with each other if they do. Her photographs are mainly in black and white, however some of her photographs have been colour popped to make the photo stand out more than it already does. For example a telephone box has been photoshopped to be its true colour and the rest of the photo to be in black and white.

The first photo is the telephone box which has been colour popped. To me that photo is really effective because it has one main focus and it is not busy, it looks really content. I also like this photograph because of the posters and graffiti on the side of the telephone box of they punk looking man. This gives the photo a personality, it shows that the telephone box isn’t perfect and people have defected by the public but it is still a vibrant red.

The second photo stands out to me because the people look so small and toy like because the top of the wall is the main focus. The buildings in this photo look like model buildings as they look small compared to the wall like the people. This photo is just in black and white however it still makes the photo really effective as you can see the texture of the cobbles along the top of the wall.

The third photo shows two and a half people I think this makes the photo more effective as it shows that the street was busy, but Ronya Galka still managed to get the photo of the couple kissing. The couple is the only thing in focus and the people walking in front of the camera is out of focus, by the people in front of the camera being out of focus it shows that they are moving.


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