Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura means chamber dark : Dark Chamber

It is a box with a hole in it. The hole is a size of a pin hole, it is this small so that it can control how much light goes in else the light will just go all over the place. By having the hole it allows the light to go in a straight line and to project the image onto the screen. However the image is upside down when we see it, just like our eyes but our brain makes us see it the right way around.

Camera Obscura was discovered by Mozi a chinese philosopher in his bedroom, however he did not fully discover what is was,he just knew why it happened. It was later on that it camera obscura got discovered properly and understood to the full.


As a group we made our own camera obscura by using a Pringle tube,tracing paper, black card and tape. We went outside to test out the camera obscura, even though the sun was going in and we needed a lot of light for the camera obscura to work, the image that got projected did not come out as bad as I thought it would of. For the image we looked directly at the sun for a better result. If there was more light the image would be better and if we had an actual camera obscura instead of a pringle tube it would of worked better as well but it was a good experience to make one as I had never made one before.

img_4162 I found this session good as it was different from making a pin hole camera like I did at GCSE, it is a different concept as you actually see the image upside when it is projected and not developed onto light sensitive paper.


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