Street Photography Shoot:

These photographs are my interpretation of street photography. I decided to use people playing instruments because you can capture what they love doing through their facial expressions and enthusiasm whilst playing the instrument. The location was in the Dolphin Inn where the usually play because I wanted the people to be comfortable in what they were doing and not act like I was there photographing them. By having them act like I wasn’t there it makes them act more natural and more into the music they were producing, allowing them to show their true colours when playing their instruments.

I edited them into black and white because of the lighting that was in the pub I was in. As it was very dim and dull in there. By editing the photos into black and white it displays the shadows and lights better then it would in colour. Also by putting them into black and white it takes away the grain of the photo. It also makes you focus more onto the person playing their instrument than their surroundings.

The black and white effect makes the photos look more rustic and it goes well with the setting of the photo. My favourite photo out of the selected eight is:photo-7-edit-boarder

It is my favourite because I like the depth of field in it and how the violin is the main subject and the man is blurred. I wanted the violin the only thing in focus because it shows what the man is passionate about, as in this photo he is also playing it, you can also see he face as it is not completely blurred and you can see the dedication and concentration whilst playing the instrument.

If I was to take the photos again I would use a flash to stop the grain in the photos. If there was no grain I think I would of kept them in colour but then again the black and white effect makes the main focus the people and their instruments other than their surroundings.


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