Peer Assessment Feedback:

Today we got sent off into pairs to evaluate our work so far and how we could improve. This was really useful as I now know areas I can improve on and where I add things in to make it better. I also got constructive criticism and that has allowed me to see that I am doing well.

Unit 1 Introduction to Visual Language:

I noticed that you have understood the formal elements well, however maybe try adding some of the other images from your shoot rather than just having the one example. I liked how you used a contact sheet to critically compare your best images. An improvement you could make to this unit, would be to explain how you edited your images maybe by using some technical language to show that you know exactly what you are doing.

Unit 2 Introduction to Research Skills in A&D:

There is a wide range of research in your blog. I felt research was your strongest area as there is a fair amount of it and each blog post based around research goes into depth. To expand your photographer research further, maybe you could try and interpret their style of photography when shooting yourself.

Unit 3 Introduction to Critical and Contextual Awareness in A&D:

Once your report is added to the blog, this should cover the context side to your assignment. Maybe try to say why you have chosen to photograph what you have. Your research also helps to raise contextual awareness as you are looking at different photographers who photograph in different styles etc.

Unit 4 Introduction to Materials, Processes and Technical Skills in A&D:

I feel that you evaluate your own work well, however to improve you could explain the processes that you went through to create each image. Your photoshop skills are very strong and you could progress and show this even further by maybe completing a few more shoots and displaying them clearly as before and afters once editing them through photoshop. Sometimes GIF’s are a good way to show this! Overall I think your project is coming together really well 🙂

Maths and English.

Maths: Your maths skills are shown to a high standard when looking at the scavenger hunt math task! You have included everything that you need to and it is all laid out clearly, making it easy to understand!

English: Good english skills are alway being used as you are constantly evaluating yourself.


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