The Report: What Does Going Local Mean To Me?

By asking a variety of people a set of questions, it gave me an insight of what the locals think is/are the most desirable places in Plymouth. Asking a variety of people gave me a better understanding to answer the question I have been asked to answer because I have been given a wider knowledge of where people with a wide age gap from Plymouth like to go. For example: as older people have their own opinion of where they think is best (on the Barbican) and where younger people think is the best place to go (Drake Circus) I decided to ask people with a wide age gap as it gave my answers for my questionnaire variety and also allowed me to make my conclusion better. Both of these places are very different from each other as the Barbican is a very quite, with older architectural buildings, where as Drake Circus is very modern and an up to date place to be, which is full of younger people as the shops mainly cater for them.

Evaluating The Answers:

My first question was:

Where is your favourite place in Plymouth to go? I chose this as my first question as it gave the person a variety of places to choose from and I knew not everyone would like the same place or would choose that place to be their favourite.

The first answer I got given for this question was an in depth answer, as they explained why they like it there and what made it so special to them.

The second answer I got given was less in depth but they still talked about the shops in Drake Circus and how that was good to them. This answer was from an 18 year old and I feel like if I asked more younger adults this question they would have the same answer to give.

The second question was:

How often do you go there? This question gives the person many ways to answer, they could of given me an exact date and time, or they could of been very vague on how they would of answered it.

Both answers I got were very vague but still gave me an understanding on how often they go to that place and who they go with.

The final question was:

If someone who was on holiday asked you where a good place to go,what would you say?

This question gave a different response from the others. At first they didn’t know what to say, the older person answered the same as they did with their favourite place and went in to my depth, however the younger person changed their answer completely and went into more depth whilst answering the question. The answer they gave me was the Hoe, they then went and explained why they think there and it was more about the historical meaning of Plymouth and that they should go see it because no where else has it.

These answers have given me an overall outlook on what I think going local means to me.

My answer to this question is:

Going Local to me is the community that people create. I feel like this important because if there was no community there wouldn’t be a certain atmosphere around. I also feel that the surroundings of Plymouth is important as it makes the city busy and full of people. As I am a young person I feel that I like the busy out look of Plymouth and the feel of everyone everywhere, as it means that there is a community around us. Although not everyone is friendly and approachable you still feel like there is a sense of belonging as they is many people around who are of different cultures and like different things to myself and others.






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