RAW vs Jpeg

Creating this GIF gives a clear over view of the quality difference of Jpeg and RAW. The brighter photo (the first two photos) are the Jpeg’s, the reason it is brighter is because it has been edited for me, making the photo look how the camera thinks it should look.

giphy (1).gif

The darker photo’s (second photos) are the RAW file and it has been left, meaning there has been no pre-editing done to it. The photo is in its natural state, ready for me to edit it myself without having to work from the edited version the Jpeg has created for me.

giphy (1).gif

The image quality of the RAW files is so much better then the Jpeg because  I can then edit them the way I want to with no editing which has already happened. From now on I am going to take my photos in RAW as then I am free to edit them how I would like.


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