Today we got set a task where we had to take photos which represented gore and horror, to go with today (Halloween) I thought this task was really interesting because I didn’t quite know what to create. The photo I had used to create my final image was a photo I had taken today whilst off site taking photos for my Going Local assignment.

halloween I decided to use a tree with edited in crows as my Halloween image because I thought that the tree looked old and I thought the textures gave it more depth making it look like it was coming out at you. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was going to do, I wanted to do something different and not traditional;skulls,pumpkins ect.

Why I put crows into the image:

I researched why crows are associated with Halloween because I wanted to incorporate something into the tree to make it look more spooky. When I typed this into google I came across someones blog where they had been talking about why crows are associated with Halloween, which linked perfectly with my question, it also gave me the answers I needed. https://batgurrl.net/2011/10/23/crows-ravens-and-halloween/  I got my answers from this as it told me that crows are linked to power of darkness because of their colour and in films they are seen to eat eyeballs and dead flesh of the dead.

To edit my photo I used photoshop and adjusted the clarity to make the textures of the tree stand out  more, I then turned the photo black and white and adjusted the levels making it more dark with light highlights. The crows are my own as I got them from one of my own photos which I had taken for one of my photos for Going Local. Originally they were seagulls but I painted them black to make them be crows. Using a swarm of crows shows how they truly are as they mainly travel in swarms. I wanted them quite small and not the size they would appear when near the tree because I wanted to make it seem that they were flying high above the tree, circling around their prey.



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