Lee Jeffries Inspired Shoot:

I took this photo shoot with Lee Jeffries in mind as I wanted to use clarity to bring out the persons face more. In order to take these photos I had to face my fear and ask them for their permission to take a photo of them, after the first person I asked I was more confident so I asked four more people to photograph.

Although my photo is not exactly in the style of Lee Jeffries I still used him as my inspiration which lead to me editing my photo in this way.


I edited this photo mainly using clarity and levels. I didn’t want my photo too dark as I felt that it was too over powering and harsh compared to it being quite light. The darkness of the trees make up for the lack of darkness of the lady. The clarity has brought out the wrinkles on the ladies face and made her face look more 3D and less flat. I like how this photo had turn out as it brings out the ladies face and makes her stand out from the background as that is quite dark compared to her.

I had to use a high ISO as it was quite bright outside. It was also windy outside as you can see from the lady’s hair being up straight on the top of her head. By having her hair like this it adds to her character as when I was speaking to her she was very lively and excitable for a 96-year-old! When we had spoken she told me that she had ditched her son and his wife because she wanted to go look at interesting places not boring ones. This really shown what type of person she was.


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