Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a photographer who used clarity to make the creases on people’s faces more prominent and to make them look less flattering. His photographs are edited into black and white, this gives the faces more depth and makes it the main focus as most of his backgrounds and locations are black or dark.

These photos to me are very powerful. The photos of the men look like they have a story behind them as they have cuts on their face and look dirty, they could either be hard workers on a building site where they could get dirty easily or they could be homeless, and the dirt is from sleeping rough.

My favourite photo is the one of the lady with her hands on her face as she is showing a bit of sass and attitude. I also like how her hair is styled as it adds to her character. They way that Lee Jeffries has added the clarity to the photo really brings out her age, which I feel that she is trying to hide as she has got a lot of jewellery on and how she has had her hair cut, making her seem younger than what she actually is.


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