Still Life Shoot:


Today we got sent off into groups to do some studio work using light tents, this wasn’t new for me as I have a light tent at home which I use. However I learnt something new which was using a light metre, I had never used one of those before so that was a good experience for me. Whilst using a light metre maths is involved, which isn’t my strong point but it was easy enough to do, the light had to measure the same on each side of the tent so that it was getting an equal amount, if there wasn’t an equal amount of light to fix the problem all you had to do was adjust the brightness of the lights. We also got to use a macro lense which I had never used before so that was good for me to do because now I can use it more often without a worry.


This is my macro lense photograph. I wanted to use jewellery because they are small enough and I could make it central on the white. I edited this so that the colours were bright and standing out, I also wanted the diamonds on the earrings and ring to stand out, making it so the light was reflecting off them.


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