Evaluation On Going Local!

Although I changed my ideas throughout this assignment,which was due to the research that I had done, I feel that I have used my time well. Unlike the last assignment I felt like I had left some things last-minute because I didn’t plan my time well, but for this assignment I feel that by planning my time better I have managed to get a lot more done. Due to have a better time plan I feel that I didn’t get stressed during this assignment becauase I knew what I had to do and how long I had to do it. I got a bit worried when I didn’t certainly know what I wanted to create for my final images due to my ideas changing constantly.


For my research I used primary and secondary research, this included using artists which linked to the themes that I wanted to explore and producing a questionnaire to find out why the locals like living in Plymouth. Some of my research was just by having conversation’s with people at where I work. I have noticed that you find out more information by using primary research because of the fact that you continuously asking questions and engaging with the conversation, where as using secondary research you can’t ask why it is done like that ect. I feel that with this amount of research I managed to get the information I needed to finish this assignment, I feel that it was in-depth and helped me with my questions I needed and gave me a wider understanding. My influences were mainly by Iwan Baan and Lee Jeffries, which you can see in my final images.

Throughout this project my ideas had changed and developed into better things. I feel that by having my ideas changing it shows that I have researched. My ideas at first were all very different to what I have done now, this is due to looking into Lee Jeffries work and doing a shoot based in the style of him, and also looking into Iwan Baan and understanding his rang of photography, and making an understanding for myself to see why he has photographed the buildings that he has chosen.At first I wanted to use the photographs I had taken of the band because I thought that I should have used the photo with the depth of field but once I did some deeper research and started to do some more shoots I changed my mind.I decided to just stick with two themes because I wanted to focus on two main areas which I thought was mainly about GOING LOCAL.

Throughout this assignment I used english and maths skills, the evidence of this is in my scavenger hunt task and still life. In the scavenger hunt I used math skills to work out the distant travelled and how long it took. The maths skills that were involved with the still life task was working out the amount of light needed on each side making it equal. English skills was used throughout this assignment because of writing in my blog everytime we do work, I have to evaulate what I have done and for it to be readable I have to use good english skills for it to be possible

If I was to do this again I would talk more about the formal elements which will show my understanding of my photo more and it shows that I can critically analyse my own work.

I enjoyed doing this assignment because I got to explore Plymouth in more depth,even though I live in Plymouth it was still good for me as I to go places I hadn’t really been.


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