Lisa Butler is a make-up artist who has done make-up for Vogue,Dior and TOPSHOP. She has been a make-up artist for over three decades, she is good at what she does because she is known as the ‘MAKE-UP ARTIST OF THE MAKE-UP ARTISTS’ 

I have been watching some of her make-up videos to see her style of make-up she does and how she presents the model. Even though she does a suttle make-up look she still makes the stand out. I feel that she has done a suttle look because she is young and she wants her to still look youthful and not be covered in make up. At the end of the video there is a part where the model is having her photograph taken and she has her arms folden looking causal and showing an attitude, this could also be because they want her to come across youthful and have a dont care attitude.

Some Of Lisa Butler’s Work: