Research- Task 1:

I have decided to find an interview with Tim Walker. During the interview the interviewer asked him if he remembers the first time he picked up a camera, Tim Walker went into depth when he was answering this question. The interviewer was trying to know as much as possible about Tim Walker, knowing his background,his favourite models to work with and how he gets his sets done the way he does.

I dont feel like there is just one main question as he answers the questions in the same ammount of depth and he answers thm differently so not one answer is the same. He gets personal with his answers as he is speaking the past experiences he has been through and what he wants himself and others to achieve in the future.

This interview was set in an interview room with a desk in with his work displayed across it. It is hard to pin point where he is actually is as it doesnt show the whole room it just shows himself and a part of the desk.

The format of the interview is a question and answer but the interviewer does let him off and talk more in depth and lets him explain his points he is making, the interviewer doesn’t interupt Tim Walker as she wants to allow the camera to pick up his whole response.

The interview was just filming Tim Walker there wasn’t any other clips involved in the interview but he did have bodies of his work he was showing the camera, so added in clips was not needed in this case as he had everything that he needed infront of him already. I think that if there was added in clips it wouldn’t give the same atmosphere as we wouldn’t be able to see his facial expressions when talking about his work that is being shown. Whereas by having him show his work there and then it allows us as the viewers to see his passion for his work by seeing how he reacts to when he sees it. Although the work isn’t 100% clear when shown to the camera we can still understand why he likes that photograph and his explanations were adding in the missing details needed.

The interview was effective because Tim Walker gave his answers in depth and ensures that you can understand how he has got to where he is now and how he produces his work, by expanding his answers. The setting of the interview is very calm and isn’t busy so you can just focus on him and what he has to say.


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