Dark Room : Developing Film

Today we went up to Tavistock place to process our film. This was good because I have been in a dark room whilst I was in secondary, but I cannot remember fully if I did the process of developing the film.

We first got shown the equipment that is needed to process film. We needed a Patterson Developing Tank & additional Spiral if needed, the Dev Tank,when done up properly, stopped the light getting into the tank stopping it from effecting the film whilst it is in the spiral. The spiral was for winding multiple films that need to be processed, this was difficult to do because whilst putting the film onto the spiral you cant touch the screen on the film else it will ruin the film all together because it will end up having white marks or scratches. This also has to be done in the dark, so to make that step even more harder you now have to do it in the dark and not touch the screens.


Step One:               Film Dev 1:1 at 300ml 20 degrees. Agitate for 1min and then every 10 secs                                   for the first 1min. Do this for 14 mins, the time changes depending on                                         the size of film. Discard after use.

Step Two:               300ml of Stop. Put into the Dev Tank. Agitate for 30 secs. Discard after                                         use.

Step Three:            300ml of Fix.Put into the Dev Tank. Repeat step one for 5mins. Discard.

Step Four:               Wash in clean running water for 20mins.

Step Five:                Dry and put into the drying cupboard for an hour.


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