Here is two out of seven of my final images. The one on the left is my mum (34) and the one on the right is my friend Megan (16) I want my photographs to go in descending order of age to show comparisons on how makeup is applied and how they interpret it.

Mum – 34

Megan – 16

Maddie – 12

Shauna – 11

Ebony – 7 

Ava – 6 

Isla – 4 

By having a range of ages it shows the difference from when you are younger and wear makeup and when you are older and wear makeup. I wanted to show the difference of how younger people do their makeup compared to an older person. At four my cousin Isla loves lipstick and so does Megan who is 16, this shows that makeup doesn’t have an age limit on how to do it, it’s just how you interpret it into your own style.