ARTiculation: Evaluation

Today we got sent off into groups for this task which would help us gain confidence to speak in front of others and how to project your voice. This whole task was for the competition ARTiculation, ARTiculation is a competition in which a selection of people speak infront a group of judges about something they love. EG someone spoke about animation and how that has an impact on them.


We got put into groups of four and got given an artist we have or have not heard about. The artist the group I was got given was Martin Parr. He is a photographer that mainly shoots in film and takes unflattering photos of people. He shows the true side of Britain. We each chose a photo to evaluate from his work to talk about.

My photo was:

martin-parr-fur-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwViJj1eTvcjzL4JkNP_PJEs.jpgI chose this as my photo because the dog looks like it is wrapped around the ladies neck due to the fact that it is the same colour as the fur scarf the lady is wearing. I also picked this photo because of the way everyone but the dog is looking straight forward, like a child when they are not interested, even the dog next to him is looking straight forward,interested in what is going on. Martin Parr also managed to photograph a juxtaposition in this,even if it was on purpose or not, the lady with the fur clearly loves her dog by taking him with her places and letting him sit on her ect but she is also willing to wear the fur of another animal the same colour showing she is perfectly fine for animals being killed so she can wear them.



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