Beauty Pageants: Agree? Disagree?

At a young age girls are entered into beauty pageants,comparing themselves to other girls their age, or even older.


PROS:                                                                                           CONS:

→ Qualites and skills are tested                                         → Become shallow and overconfident

→ Win prizes and awards                                                     → Feeling depressed if lose

→ Fitness and discipline is needed                                   → Focusing on physical beauty

→ Fosters goals and abitions                                              → Taxing on health and finalcial states

Personally I do not agree on beauty pageants as I dont feel like a child of such a young age should be trying to improve their physical beauty by wearing heaps of makeup. I think at a young age like that they shouldn’t be worring about their physical appearence or comparing themselves to other girls their age,trying to make themselves ‘prettier’ than the other girls. Personally I feel that it is promoting violence and bullying if they didn’t win, or if they did win. I feel that once the girls get overconfident they will then try to get other girls down by ‘knowing’ they are prettier than them. Also they could bully the other contestants because they cant afford a good costume compared to them because they’ve had to spend their money on the travel ect. Although the younger girls sometimes look cute in their outfits they wear, some of their outfits shouldn’t be put on a three year old ect.

Although the video clip is of older girls competing in a pageant it still shows that they jealousy and violence can still occur even at an older age.


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