Makeup Portraits :

All of these photographs have bright colours in common,either on their eyelids or lips. The bright colours draw you in more as it is making you want to see how the rest of the makeup is done. These four photographs stood out to me the most due to the yellows and reds presented, what also drawn me to these photographs is that their hair is out of their face and not everywhere, it is very tidy and slicked back.

The models are also topless, I believe this is because they do not want an item of clothing to distract the viewer from the main purpose of the shoot. As the only colourful thing on them is the makeup it just makes you look at their face and nowhere else.

For me the image with the purple back ground draws me in the most because of how the purples and yellows complement each other. The photographer and MUA on this shoot must have researched what colours compliment each other by using the colour wheel. By using the purple on the eyes it makes them stand out the most because it is the darker colour out of them both. I feel like if they did yellow on the lid and purple lips I feel like it would make them look very pale and it wouldn’t compliment their facial shapes, whereas the purple does.

The model with the grey hair she stands out as well, due to the fact that her hair makes the yellow eyeshadow brighter and stand out more. I think also the fact that she is the only one with her hand on her neck, which draws attention to her neck and facial area. The nude lip colour doesn’t compliment the yellow as they are both quite pale colours. A brighter colour for her lip or a darker colour would of worked better as it gives an obré effect, as it will be going to light to dark, from the top of her head.


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