Vika Pobeda

Although Vika Pobeda does fashion photography with children, it is a totally different concept compared to beauty pageants. Whilst looking at his work I have noticed the girls do not actually wear makeup, he focuses on the clothes and hair pieces the child is modelling.

By having the children not wearing makeup it gives themselves confidence because they will learn that they do not need loads of makeup to make themselves perfect,unlike beauty pageants where they are dependent on makeup and cosmetics.

Vika Pobeda clearly allows the children to be themselves, as the photo with the little girl in the blue dress is yawning, even though she is yawning he still publishes it and uses it as his work. Where as if she was yawning for a beauty pageant it wouldn’t have the same reaction. I also like how in the double photo of the youngest girl she is wearing a big bunch of flowers on her head, to me that connotes that she is delicate and innocence as she is still a child.



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