Photoshoot One:

This photoshoot was a success as I got the final image I wanted within the six shots I took. For this photoshoot I got Megan do to her own makeup the way she would if she was going out, or an average day. This was good as I got to see how she does her makeup and the techniques she uses. I wanted Megan to do her own makeup as it allowed me to see how a 16 year old other than myself applies their makeup.

ContactSheet-001.jpg This is the contact sheet that I made from the shoot. Two of them are over exposed and blurry,the others are better and my final image is 0645 due to it being more natural and not a forced pose. I wanted her to be looking straight at the camera so I could see her whole face and what makeup she applied. You can clearly see the colours and how much makeup she had applied by having her face straight on, the colours also look much brighter due to the light behind her and the editing that I had done by adjusting the exposure.


What I like about my final image is that the rich gold on her eyes and the berry coloured lipstick stands out the most. I edited this on photoshop and just put up the contrast and exposure. I wanted it to be rich with colour and the patch of sunlight on her hair to stand out,making her hair seem blonder than it actually is. I wanted Megan to be right in the middle of the shot with her head brought more forward than her shoulders because I wanted her face to be the main focus of the photograph. It was a decision made by both of us that she stand in front on the window due to the light coming through was better than just artificial light, so we used both. It was also because it was making her facial features stand out more. Whereas if she stood to the side like she did in 0642 it created a shadow, which neither of us wanted. Even thought the back ground is not completely empty and not a plain blank wall, it still works because of the neutral colours, greys and whites.



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