Photoshoot Two:

For this photo shoot I used my mum because she is an adult and I needed someone of her age to photograph. I gave my mum the same freedom as I gave Megan,where she could do her makeup how she wanted. She did quite a glam evening look by using the golds and purples on her eyes.ContactSheet-001.jpg

This is the contact sheet that I produced from the photo shoot that I did. The photograph that I used was 000(02) due to her looking straight at the camera and looking natural. I wanted to photograph her taking off her makeup too as I thought it would give a good comparison to show, as not all adults wear makeup on an everyday basis,such as my mum.mum final.jpg

This is the final image for this photo shoot. I cropped the image so that it was more landscape than portrait,because I prefer it when the portraits are landscape,seeing a parts of the back ground. I didn’t need to adjust the brightness because we had moved the lights in the kitchen to point downwards like a spot light,which was useful but it made her face look a lot more yellow. As the photo was also quite yellow toned, I wanted to remove some of the yellows to make it look more natural, I did this on photoshop, I selected the adjustment layer ‘selective colours’ and selected the yellow one and brought it down. By bringing it down it made her face look less yellow and more natural toned. However by bringing down the yellows it made the background and her hair a darker than what it actually was.


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