Photoshoot Four:

Although I didn’t take the photo of the lady for the specific project, I feel like now I can use her in my work, whereas when I first took the photo of her I was using it for my Going Local project but never actually got to use her, even though she is a very interesting person. The reason I am using her now in my Co Lab project is because I needed her to contrast from the younger people and to show how older people do their makeup.

My research of Iris Apfel links in with this as they are both around the same age. Although this lady doesn’t dress like Iris Apfel she still has her own style which makes her unique. My favourite thing about this lady was her hair and how it was going wild in the wind, but she didn’t care she just laughed it off. To me I feel like she has the same prospects on life, like Iris Apfel does, not caring what anyone else thinks of them as long as they are happy with themselves.


This is the contact sheet that I created from the photos that I took of the lady. I liked the close up portrait of her as you can see her face more clearly. Whereas on the other one you have a whole body shot but cannot see her face as well. However if you zoom into the body shot of the lady and then look into the close up you notice that she is smiling in both. When I spoke to her she seemed like such a happy women who liked to have a laugh as she told me she was running away from her son because he is boring. I used the close up portrait due to the fact you can see more of her face than the other one.


At first I didn’t know if I should use this as my final image due to the back ground being much darker than what it is now. I didn’t like how the grass was so green because it took the focus away from the lady and drawn you to the background more than it needed it to be. To do this I took away some of the green on photoshop by using selective colour. I wanted it to be quite grey/neutral colour so it matched the other photos.Although it is quite a busy back ground like Megan’s it works better now that it does brighter, because not all the focus is on the back ground.

Although she is not wearing makeup she shows that people of that generation don’t need to wear makeup because she has accepted herself for who she is. Like Iris Apfel said I don’t see anything wrong with a wrinkle.Its kind of a badge of courage’ I believe the lady thinks that also, as she hasn’t done anything of the sort to cover them up,she is embracing them.



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