Photoshoot Three:

For this shoot I used my step sister Shauna, she did her own makeup like the other models I used. I liked photographing Shauna because she didn’t have a lot of makeup on like the other models did, she was quite natural. Before I photographed her I had to get her mum to sign a model release form because she was under 18 years old (11).

ContactSheet-001.jpg This is some of the photos from the shoot that I decided to put into a contact sheet. Although the lighting in some of them are quite dark, I brightened it up on RAW plug-in, I also didn’t like how it was looking quite yellow, so I changed the temperature of the photograph and made it a more cooler toned.The photograph that I used was 0005, I decided to use this photograph due to the fact it is very central and she doesn’t have much of an expression on her face, I also liked this photograph due to how you can see all of her face and how much or how little the amount of makeup she is wearing.

final shauna.jpgThe final image of Shauna came out well as the lighting is so much better and the colours are so much better than the original photograph. I like how the back ground of the photograph is plain so it makes her stand out more, I also like how it is not just white it’s a cream toned colour, this works well as this way she doesn’t blend in with the background because of her white shirt. As Shauna doesn’t have much makeup on I wanted the makeup that she does have on visible, such as the lipstick she is wearing, I wanted to photograph her face on so I could capture the lipstick as that is the most prominent colour on her face. I cropped the photo a bit so that the was in the centre and not off.

Originally I didn’t want any shadows in the photo because I wanted her whole face to be on display and not hidden, however there is a small shadow underneath of chin, which I don’t mind because I feel that it gives dimension to her face more.


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