Photoshoot Five:

This photo shoot consisted of the same steps as the other photo shoots that I have done. I used my boyfriends cousin Maddie for this shoot. As Maddie is 12 I wasn’t expecting her to wear full on glam makeup. Maddie actually went for a more subtle makeup look like Shauna had done. However I have known Maddie to wear more makeup than what she was wearing in this shoot, barely any foundation, a little bit of mascara and some lip gloss. I asked Maddie why she is not wearing much makeup and she told me because she likes the minimalistic look that Cara Delevingne wears and how she doesn’t need much makeup to look beautiful. Clearly to me that shows that models are a big influence to young girls on how they present themselves and how they want people to see them the same as that model if they do the same thing as them.

contactsheet-001This is the contact sheet for this photo shoot. This is not all of the photos that I had taken for this shoot but they were the ones that I thought were the better ones. The photo I used were 0004, I used this one because it has a friendly approach to it and it looks natural. I also like this photo because it isn’t a forced smile it is very relaxed. Although the lighting is very yellow which I edited in photoshop to make it a more crisp lighting instead of yellow.

maddie final.jpg

The final image of Maddie came out well as the lighting is so much better, making it look brighter than when it was yellow. I put the contrast up higher than what it originally was but not by much. When it was on the RAW plug-in I put up the contrast to make her face look more prominent and sharper. Although it looks like Maddie isn’t wearing any make-up it still shows what an influenced 12-year-old does her make-up like. Like i’ve said she wanted to do a minimalistic make-up look like Cara Delevingne.




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