Photoshoot Six:

Taking photos of Ebony was easy because she was laughing and smiling the whole time, which is the type of photos I like taking because her laugh wasn’t forced she was just laughing and having a good time. I thought that she wouldn’t have liked having her photos taken but she actually really enjoyed it which allowed me to take some good photos of her.ContactSheet-001.jpg

This is some of the photos I had gotten from the shoot and the photo I had used for my final image was 0062. I wanted this photo to be my final image because she isn’t looking at the camera and she has a cheesy grin on her face. I also like how her baby hair is everywhere and she looks really child like. The other photos are good photos to me because I like how she is grinning in each of them and not one of them are a forced smile.

ebony final.jpg This is my final image because of how she is looking away from the camera and looks natural. I like how Ebony isn’t wearing any make-up because that shows that she hasn’t got to the stage where she isn’t happy with her self. It also links to my point of not wearing make-up at such a young age.

To edit this photo I adjust the temperature of the photo because it had a yellow tone to it because of the lighting. By adjusting the temperature it helps bring out the colours on her face and her dimples. I also adjusting the brightness of the photos because I wanted to see the highlights on her nose and cheeks. On the RAW plug-in I adjusted the clarity of the photos to draw out her facial features better and the wispy parts of the hair.

Also I like how her eyes are distracted and are not looking right at the camera, with her looking away it gives a more natural feel and allows her to be more relaxed.


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