South VS North

I started off googling stereotypical UK makeup when I came across an article comparing women from the South and women from the North. (

The article compares the amount of makeup that gets used between the two, they have clearly stated that women from the North use way more makeup than people from the South, explaining how beauty researchers have found out that Northerners wear up to three fake eyelashes at once, going through them endlessly buying them in bulk.

Stereotypical Northern Makeup Raychem:

→ Northern women buy,on average,a new pair of false eyelashes every fortnight.

→Midlands women own on average 10 red lipsticks

→Irish women tend to reapply mascara 3 times a day

→Northern women are of the more is more style with fake tan

Stereotypical Southern Makeup Raychem:

→Southern women spend 3 hours carefully choosing the correct skin tone match of foundation/tinted moisturiser

→Are most likely to apply fake tan on a thursday evening leaving it enough time for the colour to develop before a friday or saturday night out.

The article is basically saying that the Northerners like to make themselves look plastic and fake, but the person who wrote this article was comparing ‘famous’ people such as Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore,who years ago liked to make herself look orange.However now in 2016 she comes under the stereotypical Southern women as she has a very natural finish to her look and her fake tan isn’t the same as it was years ago.



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