The Ages:

The Lady→  The lady represents how you don’t need to wear make-up when you get older because you have lived with your body and facial features for your whole life, and you’ve grown to embrace them. Such Iris Apfel has clearly shown from the last couple of years.

Nikki:→ Nikki represents how when you become an adult you only really wear full on make-up when you are going out for a meal ect. During the day you wear subtle make-up because there is no need to wear full on glam.

Megan:→ Megan represents people my age who are insecure about their features and want them to be covered. She also shows how much make-up people my age actually wear during the day. This shows a contrast to what adults wear at nights out, and what teenagers wear on a daily basis.

Maddie:→ Maddie shows that people can influence your decisions and can make you make a better choice by not applying a lot of make-up. And actually accepting yourself for who you are. Although some influences are bad, influences that can help form who you are and help form who you inspire to be can be a good choice.

Shauna:→ Shauna shows that you are wear subtle make-up but still make it look like you are wearing a lot. Subtle make-up to Shauna is a bit of mascara and some lipgloss but subtle make-up to someone older could be a lot more different. If Shauna now believes that, that is the amount of make-up she needs to wear on a daily basis, she has got it correct because she doesn’t need a lot a make-up at her age or even when she is older.

Ebony:→ Ebony shows that girls her age do not feel insecure of themselves and are comfortable to not to wear make-up.


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