Jimmy Nelson has travelled to many countries taking photos of many different cultures and tribes he has come across.Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 10.14.57.png

Ethiopia: When he was in Ethiopia he had photographed a tribe. He hasn’t just posted photos on his website of the tribe he has included bits of information he has researched and a quote which someone from the tribe said to him. ‘ It’s better to die than to live without killing’ This shows how different they are to us and how different we are to them. The person from the tribe that had said that quote must have been surprised and shocked that Nelson doesn’t hunt for his food. They must feel like he lives a boring life as ‘he’ says being dead is better than not hunting. This shows that they depend on their hunting for their food and as an everyday need. Where as Nelson or us in general doesn’t need to hunt for out food.


Jimmy Nelson’s work shows diversity as he has taken many different tribes and cultures. He also shows how close the countries are but how different they are from each other, as they have different traditions they do within each tribe/culture.