Joel Pares: Judging America

Joel Pares has done a series on Judging America. In this series he is expressing stereotypes of the person and then what the person’s career actually is. The stereotypes are a massive difference from what their job actually is, this shows that stereotypes of people can be blown way out of proportion regardless of the person.


Joel Pares has created a stereotype which is mainly perceived about the person. By looking at the photo on the left, compared to the photo on the right, it shows how different they are compared to the left side. For example the man who is actually a Harvard graduate is shown as a gangster with guns, this has been done because this is mainly what people in America think of black people, they think they are going to harm them or try to sell drugs to them. This man has proved that stereotype wrong as he is a Harvard Graduate,which is probably further than some white people in America.

The nurse has shown that not all Muslim people are terrorist that want to bomb places. She has shown that they are like everyone else who wants to help people, showing a caring nature. Where her stereotype is shown not to care because of the way she is holding the gun and the things terrorists have done in the past.

The way the photographs are portraits makes the image more clear as you can see what they are wearing and their body language. I feel like this is important because if you just seen their head you wouldn’t be able to fully tell what their stereotype are trying to show.

The different coloured back grounds is subtle but noticeable. I like how it has different coloured backgrounds on each photo of the person and then carries it out through out the shoot, because the darker side is on the stereotype side and the brighter is their actual side. To me the brighter side shows that they are better than the stereotypical side as it is a brighter colour. This is if I wasn’t looking at the captions that is presented with the photos.


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