Mikhael Subotzky:

I like Mikhael’s work as it is simple to see equality in his work. It shows how people are accepting and do not care about stereotypes that are perceived within these people.


I like this photo out of all of his photos due to the clear diverse acceptance that is clearly seen in this photo. The patient is acting normal,just getting on with the appointment not making any fuss, unlike some other people who may kick up a fuss due to the doctors skin colour, due to stereotyping from an early age.

This photograph was taken in South Africa, so if the patient was being racist ect she wouldn’t have got the treatment she needed if she wasn’t going to be seen by a black doctor. As the lady is of an older generation she shows people who not all older people are racist or place stereotypes on people when they don’t know them. Older generations base their lives around sterotypes as that is how they have been brought up, discriminating and stereotyping seems normal to them as that is what was classed as normal when they were younger.LON161186-1280x1030.jpg

This photo got my attention due to all of the different doors and people behind them. Some of the doors have bars on them making it look like a jail cell, some of them have no bars making them look more free. Mikhael has described this building as dreams and nightmares. This to me means that bad things have happened here along with good things. After reading the description I now feel like the bars on the doors are there to protect them from the outside, the nightmare. But the people without the bars on the doors are more hopefully, as they don’t feel like they need protecting from the nightmares as they only see the dreams. OR the bars on the doors are protecting the outside from what is behind that door. As one person behind the bars look like they are trapped behind them as they are holding onto the bars, in a way that looks like a jail cell waiting to get released. By having lots of different thoughts behind the photos it really makes you think what is trying to be shown. Maybe they feel trapped from society not being accepting,or the lack of technology,or the lack of hospital care that is given.

The building these people are staying in was meant to be a luxury place, with built-in hot tubs and appartements three stories high. Yet it hadn’t been fully complete leaving it to be a run down,dangerous place to live in. They still let people stay in there as there is soon to be plans of renovation to make it a better place.


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