Carl Warner:

Carl Warner uses food to create a set for his photos. For example he just used salami to recreate Tuscany.Salami-Tuscany.jpg

This photo to me is really clever as he has just used one type of meat but has still managed to create something so real looking. You can clearly tell that the salami pieces in a curved layout is the floor leading up to the house. How he has wrapped it around a stick to create trees so it looks like a forest is really clever. The bread sticks that make the cart and the wooden handle to the spade is good.


This photo represents Mount Fuji which he had done for a Japanese TV show. The mountain is made out of black seaweed and the ice cap is made out of sushi rice. Using brocili as the trees reminds me when I was little and thought they looked liked trees. I like how the bridge is bright red and the little people have a bit of red on them, it makes them stand out the most making your attention draw to them.

Using food to create sets makes his work stand out as not many people have done this before. By having to look twice at a photo to understand what it is made out of, makes the photo more interesting and unique,compared to others work. His style of work makes you feel like you are stood in the photo as everything is in proportion and it is like you are actually stood in the environment that it is set.



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