Photoshop Lecture; Erik Johansson:

In this lecture we were shown briefly on how to do photo manipulation in the style of Erik Johansson and David McKeen. Erik Johansson was the main focus for this lecture as he did more obvious manipulation.

What To Do:

  • Take a selection of photos to manipulate onto each other
  • Open up the photographs and use the magic wand to select out things from the photo you don’t want to be seen.  SHIFT key=Add Selection ALT key=Minus Selection
  • Once the parts you don’t want have been selected,tidy up the cutting by going into select,modify,expand by the amount of pixels needed, and then feather by the amount of pixels needed.
  • If you wants to layer in onto another photo you would want to do layer blending so it looks seamless. Hard Light, Soft Light.
  • Go onto layer mask,reveal all, black paint brush to reveal the photo underneath the first, and the white paint brush tidies it up.

Before we got sent off to do our own photo manipulations we watched a quick video on Erik Johansson using Photoshop and how many layers are actually needed to create something like he has done.

Erik Johanssons work is very creative, it is presented well and you can’t see where he has manipulated something into the photo. This photos are good examples on how seamless a photo manipulation can actually be. I like how the man putting up wall paper of the nice country side to block out the bad weather. It looks like that is what he is meant to be doing as the washing line and the extra photo is in perfect line and even has the kinks in it like wet washing would have.Erik Johansson.jpg


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