Slinkachu: Little People

Slinkachu uses little model people or animals ect in his photos. He takes the photos as a close up so you can see the detail that he has put into his work. He also takes photos from far away to show how small they actually are.

I have liked this photo due to it having two different classes of people in it. You have important people, who I assume they are portraying the government. And the other people are middle class people, who are everyday people of society. The reason I think it is the government is because they are fighting over money. Where the government takes money whilst society has to give it. This photo is actually really powerful as it recreates what everyone thinks/what is going on.Slinkachu.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 09.27.52.png

This photo is a prime example in showing that you don’t have to use an exact replica model to present what you want to show. He has used a shoe lace to represent the loch ness monster, even though its not a model of the loch ness monster, I have interpreted it be that as it is green and in the water. He has also used a bottle cap as a boat. He shows that you don’t actually need much to create a photo that you want to create.

Although his work is not vibrant and full of colour it still stands out and makes an impact on the viewer. You can make so many interpretations on his work, which makes it more interesting as you are not just looking at a photo with one meaning.


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