Cosmetic Retouching:

Retouching happens in all aspects of photography,whether its landscapes or portraits. Make-up adverts use cosmetic retouching to enhance and promote their brand more,by making it look like the best thing in the world as it can do such amazing things for your skin,eyes,lips ect. However most of it is retouching and manipulation of their face to make it how they want it to look.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.32.26.png

This is a comment that was left of the video. I agree with the comment because whilst watching the video she took away most of the models natural features and changed them to what she thinks is perfect. During the video she changed her ear shape and head shape to suit what she was doing. This isn’t retouching this is photo manipulation as she doesn’t just enhance some of the colours she changes parts of her feautures.

Manipulation= Phyically changing                    Adjusting= Editing something that is already                                                                                                                there

One of Lancomes adverts got taken off and banned due to the false advertising of a foundation they had advertised about with Julia Roberts. As the photo was cometically retouched so much the appereance of her face was giving a false advertisment about the foundation. Lancome said:


Clearly this photo have been cosmetically retouched as her skin wouldn’t look that smooth with no texture.

Opinion On Retouching:

I think retouching is okay if it is not over the top like it was in the video, also if it just to enhance colours ect to the photo. I dont agree of changing the persons face (changing the shape of their head,lips ect) to suit them as then there was no point for that model to be working for them, if they are just going to change her into someone else. Someone they want to photograph.




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